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Scraping Google or Bing through a professional web scraping service

Our latest project is not completely open source, since 2014 we were running and developing a private web scraping project for selected customers. During the past year we worked on making this a public scraping service and launched it during December 2016. We often had requests to scrape small amounts of data or increddible amounts of data and now we can finally serve these requests.

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Scraping.Services is designed to serve the needs of all search engine related customers: *) The need to just manually scrape keywords from Bing or Google by uploading or entering them through our web frontend. *) The professional customer who needs to integrate scraping into a website, service or server (for fully automated scraping) It does not matter if you have 10 keywords to be analyzed a week or a million per day, we can handle the load. Scraping.Services is designed to be up and running within just a few minutes once the payment has been made. All it takes is 3 steps: 1) Create an account on Scraping.Services 2) Select a license and pay through PayPal or Credit Card (contact customer support for more options) 3) Run the free source code on your website/server or enter your keywords into the "Scraping Dashboard" You can literally continue from here and have 10,000 or more keyword result pages with 1000 results each within the next 10 minutes.